Albino Deer Sighting

I’m beside myself excited to have two albino deers visiting our yard. Until now I hadn’t been able to catch them on camera but today I got lucky. Several pictures are below.

Fresh home from my son’s baseball game I saw a flash of white at the bottom of the property. Like a ninja, I grabbed my camera, ran for the door, kept the dog inside, and made sure Paw Patrol was on TV. I needed total silence.

I took a few shots from the deck but I was too far away no matter how much I zoomed in. To get closer I ran around the deck, through the yard, and behind our workshop. They couldn’t see me, I was sure. I crept as close as I dared fearing they would startle. Then I clicked away.

You’ll see the albino deer is rather small, and it’s freckled. The eyes don’t appear to be pink either. This leads me to believe it’s the offspring of the true albino deer that comes around.

Not only am I not a professional photographer (go figure) but I’m also not an expert on deer. If you can tell me anything about these photographs I’d love to learn more. Am I over thinking things? Does the deer look a little fat? Could she be pregnant?

I’m not sure if an albino deer is a good sign, but anything so rare and beautiful has me believing it is.


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