So Many Books, So Little Time

Raise your hand if you chronically surf through Goodreads and Book Bub to add more books to an already impressive wish list? I keep one running list of books on Goodreads. However, I pull recommendations from both places. My profile is MelisaPetersonLewis on GR if you want to follow along, I review everything I read and leave no genre unturned. I move from historical fiction to thriller to fantasy and even throw classic in. Scatter bug? Maybe.

Currently, there are 131 books on my Want to Read list. Is there really enough hours in the year to read all of these? No. Which is why I no longer continue with a book if it doesn’t grab me in the first 20 pages. Sometimes I’ll jump ahead to see if the pace quickens or the plot deepens. If not, I let it go. There are too many good books out there to force myself through something I don’t enjoy. Do you feel the same?

I’m currently reading three books at one time. Though I’m not sure that’s right. I often have a book on my phone that takes me a long time to read, then one for the gym, one for the nightstand, and I’m slowly getting through the Beastie Boys book which is huge but very entertaining.

On my dresser is a stack of books that I need to attack. Some are lenders from friends I should return eventually. I’ve made a promise to myself to stay away from the library until I’ve made a dent in this stack. The library sucks me in, I can spend hours in the racks picking up books I’ve never heard of.

Books litter my house. Stories are readily at my fingertips. Sometimes I try to hold back adding more to my wish list, assuming I’ll never get through it. Lists are meant to be checked off, after all. Watching my list get longer has me feeling as though I’m burying good reads among the new finds. It’s not fair to something I added last year. Suddenly swept under the rug for the promise of something hot and new.

I’m going to attempt to not add anything to my list until I can take ten off. Let’s see if I can do it. My fingers are already twitching!


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