One of You: Sci-Fi Micro Fiction

I’ve just recently discovered micro fiction and it’s rather addictive. Using the world I’m creating in my novel I will continue to create a few of these teasers leading up to my book release. When will my book be released? Hopefully later this year. We shall see. I think getting an idea of how different people came down with the infection will be entertaining.

Baltimore Zombies series presents:


I’ve waited my entire life for the apocalypse. Weapons by the hundreds stashed inside my walls, a bunker with enough supplies for years. I thirsted for it. When the dead crawled out of sewers, mangling everyone in sight, I was reading a magazine on my throne. A peculiar scratch came at my door before they burst in. They took me down, my pants at my ankles. It wasn’t supposed to be like that. I couldn’t have been more prepared for the end of the world. Teeth sank in, blinding pain, I lost.

So, yeah. Now, I’m one of you.

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