Friends Let You Cry: A Non-Fiction Short

You are my friend. Well, not just any friend, not even the term BFF would coin our bond. We were friends that have grown to become sisters. Everyone should have a friend like you. You pull me up when I’m down, you don’t shame me when I’ve done something horrible, and you smile through the bad ideas I present. I’ve known you since we were kids, and we’ve almost always been together. The trials in our life have pulled us apart, but we still find each other again.

When you moved, I cried and didn’t allow myself to think you would really go, but you did. You packed your house into a truck and moved hours away. A new start is what you said. A better life, you wanted. I hope you have it, but I’m here in the same place wishing you were more a part of it.

This past weekend you visited, and it was like I saw you just a second ago. Your quirks were the same, your laugh lit up the room, and your head shook when I was ill-mannered. It’s exactly as it always were. I’m was so glad.

We went to a music festival, drank craft brews, and danced in circles. The day was long, but we had more fun than I’d had in a long time. Our youth knocked at the door and asked to come in, we took a bow and ushered the spirit in to join us. A blast. My cheeks hurt the next day from the smile I wore.

At the end of the night, we stood in front of the stage and felt the bass of the drum thunder in our chest. You felt it too because your eyes got wide at the same time mine did, then we laughed. Words aren’t always necessary.

The lights streamed down over our heads, and men with long hair danced next to us bumping our elbows. Something about that moment made me appreciate every day we’ve had together, and the one coming to an end in front of us seemed so much sweeter. I cried. I’m not the emotional one. You are! But there I stood listening to those enchanting tunes, seeing you bob your head, and “woo-hoo” to the band. It made me want to hold onto the moment forever. Impossible, I know. So I cried. Not a cute cry where one tear dripped down my cheek, but an ugly cry that shook my shoulders.

There you were, seeing me in the moment you grabbed ahold of my shoulder, and let me put my head on yours. We sobbed together, smiling as we did. The band played for us, my friend. They certainly did. I’ll hold onto this, tuck it into my bucket of memories to cherish forever.

Miles and hours can’t keep us apart, not really. I’ll always be your friend, and you will always be mine. I’m thankful to have someone like you. And even when you fell out of your chair later in the night, you knew I was laughing with you and not at you. Or maybe a little of both.

We can’t choose our family, but we can choose our friends. I pick you.


Photo by my husband at the end of a long fun day.

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