Daisy Jones & The Six: Book Review

There was some hype about this book and the premises interested me. I read it in three days, which is pretty fast for me given my lifestyle. The author wants you to fall in love with Daisy and it’s easy to. She’s a hot mess, but you want her to succeed as a singer, and as a woman. Billy is also an intriguing character with struggles, love, and a complicated life surrounding his band The Six. The author weaves these two together in roller coaster ride of events spanning a short period in time. I also enjoyed the poetic lyrics the author came up with and how she connected the songs to the chaos and souls of the two main characters. There are subplots from other bandmates and managers that help move the book along nicely. I found myself getting connected to more than just the two main characters. An easy read all around, though I’m not sure the author needed the twist she adds at the end. I’m thinking most readers will enjoy it. It’s kind of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s style, to try to add a surprise the reader didn’t see coming. The story didn’t need it, it would have stood alone fine without it, but does add a different creepy element to it.

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