Evil Tobacco Hornworms!

In the garden last evening I noticed a super sad tomato plant. The leaves were nibbled off, so I investigated closer. These plump Hornworms did a number! I found thirteen worms with the help from my son (the self-proclaimed bug scientist) and we fed

them to my neighbors chickens. The birds loved them, so that’s a win. I’ll be scanning the plants closely every day now. If one of them had wasp late I’d leave it be, but there were no signs of them.

Gardening had always been such a great release for me. It’s a lot of work, but I don’t shy away from sweat and labor. It’s good for the soul!

Let’s hope my tomatoes make a full come back.


  1. Your pictures are so good! They actually make them look kind of pretty. I love that you also shared this experience with your son- “bug scientist.” : D

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