8:30 to 5

I’m sitting at my computer looking for jobs because I’ve been at home with my little ones for almost three years now and I’m ready to work again. Problem is, every time I see the hours posted for a corporate job, I cringe. Typically, jobs start between 8am and 9am in the morning. My son’s bus is at 8:30am. In reality, most parents have duel working households and they managed to figure it out. Before school and after school services are available. I know this, yet I’m having a hard time giving up seeing my kids get on the bus and watching them run down the driveway after school excited to tell me about their day. At least, that’s my oldest child. The other two are in preschool part-time. I’d need to find additional care for them.

It’s possible. It’s one-hundred percent doable to make all of this happen. The majority of my friends do this every single day and I admire their busy schedules. I also admire having two incomes in a household for financial as well as other reasons such as the feeling of self-worth.

I’m in a strange place right now trying to figure out how to straddle both worlds. A place where I can be with my kids more than afternoons and weekends, and also a place I can be around adults, applying myself, and bringing home some additional funds.

Solution! Part-time work? It’s not that easy. Most companies are not looking for part-time help, they want full-time bodies sitting in seats at a desk. Totally understandable, even if it doesn’t fit my needs at this time. I think my solution is to keep plugging away. I’ll wade through the options I find and continue networking.

Things generally do work out for the best, but I’ve learned from the past I can’t sit on my ass waiting for it to happen. It takes one step at a time to climb a mountain.

I used a stock Photo by Kyle Johnson on Unsplash 


  1. When I was a manager I hired 3 individuals part time. They worked out better than full time staff because they had incentive to stay in the role because it fit their personal life needs. It’s worth taking as much time as you can extend looking for that good part time job. Good luck with your search !

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    1. Thank you! Amazingly o wrote this post last week and in two days I have an interview for a part time consulting job. Hope it works out. It sounds like what I want.

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  2. I can really relate to this, at this very moment. For the majority of my daughter’s seven year old life, I’ve worked with projects that allowed me to be with her at the same time, with the exception of this past year. Her biological father moved to the city, in another state, a year ago. I want her to see us both, even if we’re divorced, so I uprooted my life in the countryside of Northern California, and moved to Las Vegas. It was really tough. I had to take a 9-5 job, but managed to get one that I could work around my daughter’s schedule. I homeschooled her for kindergarten, in Northern California. That was my plan all along (I’m a teacher.) When I moved to the city I lost all my income bringing projects (gardening/horse training,) that allowed me to homeschool her, and still have an income (single parent here.) I worked a year on a regular full-time job here. I just quit my job(two weeks ago) to go back to homeschooling her again. The balance between kids and work is a fine line..The security of steady income is appealing, but the time with our children so precious, and it will never return in the exact same way as it is right now. I’m sure you will find the solution that works for your family. Best of luck with everything.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your journey. You are doing a lot of for your daughter and she will appreciate having you close. My kids are my world and I’m lucky to spend this much time with them, I also know for me I need a balance of time with them and time for myself. Of course there is a big difference between my 2 yo and my 7 yo. The older one is helpful and I appreciate how well we communicate. The toddler is…well she’s a toddler so she’s convinced she runs the show, haha. It’s fun in a maddening and joyful way. Good luck to you as you move back to home schooling!

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