Within Your Power

Every once in a while you come across words that hit you right in the gut. I was reading The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman (book review coming soon) when one of the characters quoted an Emily Dickinson poem. I have never intentionally read Emily Dickinson because poetry isn’t really my dish. However, I’m considering picking up some of her work now.

“in this short life
that only lasts an hour
how much-how little-is
within our power.”

Within the first four words, I’m reminded of how short this precious life we have is. How much control over our destiny do we have? I think a lot, yet I find myself holding back from things that scare me. I read recently that fear is here to show you what you should be doing. Of course, we all know you shouldn’t run into a lion’s cage, let’s be more realistic. For me it’s expression and creation, I have such big images of what I can accomplish yet fear and worry hold me back.

There are things that are out of my power to control yet there is so much more buzzing inside waiting to stream out. I’m reminded to keep moving, keep going, work toward the things in life that matter. I’d like to imagine I’ll be lucky enough to live a long life, well into my nineties if I have it my way. When I’m of the ripe age of ninety-nine I want to look back at these years and know I did everything I could to make it remarkable.


  1. There may be purpose for all life’s challenges. Maybe. I was an at home parent. Well, I ran a business out of my home. So I know some of the mixed feelings of changing it up. I moved to an office a twenty minute drive away. Some of your independence is diminished, availability for kids, you will have to add gardening to a schedule rather than when you are inspired.

    But it’s a wonderful thing working on a team and challenging your mind. Your family will benefit from your experience in many ways, if you find something enriching.

    I want to live to my nineties so that I can take up smoking again. It’s been decades. But the yearning… My daughter thinks it would be ironic if I died of lung cancer in my nineties. I said, “Yes, yes it would” 🙂

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    1. I bet if you took up smoking at 90 you’d think it tasted pretty bad after all those years, haha. I’m trying to be fluid and when it’s time for a change I’d like to embrace it and tweak areas of my life to accommodate things getting stale. Being home is so hard and fun. I hope I know what I’m doing

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