The Rules of Magic: A Book Review

The Rules of Magic: A Book Review

This was one of those books that kept coming up as a possible book club selection and every month we went with something more current and trendy. Finally, last month we choose Alice Hoffman’s The Rules of Magic and wow I loved it. I wish we had chosen it sooner and I can’t wait to read Practical Magic. I have seen the movie but it’s been a long time.

This book is about three siblings who grow up in NYC with a mother who is an actual witch and a father who is bit of a silent genius. The story is fun, fast, with highs and lows that kept me going. It follows the siblings who I instantly fall in love with as they discover their callings. Covering their ages from childhood into their elderly years this book keeps a quick pace. Tragic hits each of them in different ways and I found myself crying in the gym again. At least I was on a stationary bike so I wouldn’t fall off.

The family is cursed; they cannot love someone or that person will die. This effects each of them in different ways and I promise you each love interest has a completely different path for each sibling. An urban fantasy with witches, spells, familiars, love, and death. This book is relatable, real, and inspiring. Follow your heart no matter the cost. Great read!

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