Beaching It

I’m a beach person. Every summer I look forward to sinking my toes into the warm sand and hearing the waves crash on the shore. I know, a bit cliche but it’s the truth. The kids run around for hours and I chase them, gone are the days of sitting on my butt and reading a book. They will return one day and I can wait. For now, it’s fun and games that leave us all exhausted.

Just a short little post, this was the end of August and our trip to Avalon, New Jersey which is a beautiful beach north of Cape May and south of Ocean City. The water was clear, we caught lots of fish (no keepers though), and found a ton of shells.

One such shell that started a conversation is the razor clam, which is what I have always called them and is the actual name of these creatures. My husband, whom I’ve known for well over 15 years, called them “witches fingernails” and I’d never heard that used before. It got me thinking how interesting a picture might be with these shells lined up as if they were fingernails. So here is me, being silly, amusing my family, and laying in the sand. Enjoy! Hope you all had a nice summer, I’m sad it’s leaving but happy to get back into the routine of school. I thrive on routine.

Notice the picture of my body imprint, I find it pretty entertaining.


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