Crown of Briars: A Book Review

Crown of Briars by Isabella August is a paranormal romance focusing on Zoe, a witch who falls in love with a warlock who serves a very powerful fairy queen. The story moves at a good pace and took a few turns I wasn’t anticipating. Full disclosure, I do not normally enjoy romance novels of any kind. The formula of a woman falling in love with a man in two seconds doesn’t normally grasp me. This did happen in this book but there was a lot to the story besides their lust for one another. Zoe is up against a magical world when the person who created her comes to reclaim his gift. She has to make alliances with dark and creepy vampires, trust overly emotional fairy queens, fight in a world so foreign and poisonous she almost loses herself, and try to bring her love back home. Zoe is a witty, funny, and strong woman who doesn’t cower away from getting the job done. It was refreshing to read a woman in a romance situation who wears the pants. If you like fantasy and some steamy sex scenes that go along with romance novels, this story is for you.

There are two covers at the moment, I think the one with the woman on the cover is the newest.  Come follow me on Goodreads!!

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