Are you finding your dream job or are you creating it?

Are you finding your dream job or are you creating it? I had to think about this one. I mean what’s the difference, right? Finding a dream job means we already know what we want it to be and this role exists so we are sorting out how to land into this desired position.

Creating a job is inventing something that didn’t previously exist. Rather it is a new role or product. This is only my interpretation. I could be completely off base. What do you think?

To answer the question I would say it’s two-fold for me as I wear so many hats. I am an IT Recruiter and I found a job that allows me to work in an industry that interests me, as well as one that meets my career goals. Did you know I’m also a sci-fi writer? I finished my first draft and now the editing process has begun. I created this story and wrote all 83k plus words. This will hopefully wedge me into the world of authors but I had to invent my own means to get there. Yes, there are tools to guide me but without creating my own product I could never be a writer.

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    1. It’s not really going anywhere. I couldn’t get to it. Mental block, fear, busy life, and other excuses. Now I’m doing NaNoWriMo and it’s gonna sit a bit longer

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