Lack of support from little ones

What stands in the way of happiness? Today, it’s the lack of support from those around me. And by “those” I mean the three kids I have under the age of seven. You have to laugh with me, please or I might cry. I mean what kind of cooperation should I expect from these tiny loud people? They see that I’m working my recruiting job and they also see me trying to write a novel. That’s not all though, I maintain their lives in every aspect from socks, homework, social activities, and hugs. When they ask me to play with them my first thought is, “I should stop what I’m doing and spend time with them. These years are fleeting.” Then I look at the half-cooked dinner or other work I’m focused on and I don’t want to stop. Guilt is triggered here.

Do I finish working or do I drop what I’m doing and play cars with them? I try not to say ‘no’ very often but the truth is I’m an adult and things need to get done. So, kids, how about you help me empty the dishwasher and wash the broccoli? How about you entertain yourself for thirty minutes so I can finish this chapter?

Wait, where’s my husband? He has this tendency to disappear when the kids pour over me with requests or when I’m juggling five things. I need to find out where he’s going so I can join him or better yet switch places.

One day I hope they appreciate I have goals and dreams of my own. I also want them to feel supported and know my attention is there’s when they need it.

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