Camp NaNoWriMo

I’m finally editing my sci-fi novel. It’s about an isolated virus event that happens in Baltimore City. Seems a bit on point right now, don’t ya think? I hope to edit a chapter or more a day so I’ll be posting snippets and images of my beloved city. Here is my opener.

My mom tried to prevent me from moving to Baltimore City. “Shelby, darling. It’s not safe, especially for young women,” she’d say. The news painted her a picture of constant corruption and murder. I witnessed a different side. A vibrant area filled with salty air, restaurants serving food from around the word, bizarre art, and hidden gems where old men sang ballads from the seventies. Baltimore became my home, and I loved it. Loved, being past tense. For now, it’s become my prison.

This is part of Camp NaNoWriMo!!! My goal for the month of April is to edit my entire novel. Home with 3 kids and no relief, that’s going to be a stretch.

Image Ben Dunhac from Unsplash with Canva



  1. I’m using this extra time to work on my WIP, as well. But, yes, it seems on point in retrospect. Thankfully, no zombies in the real world yet. That would certainly make 2020 even more interesting, now wouldn’t it?

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