Whats been up.

What have I been up to? What have you been up to? I had a birthday and it was pretty amazing. I have been baking, pictured is coconut bread, and a deep dish vegan cookie made from white beans both recipes from chocolate covered Kate. Home schooling, is a wild ride but I’m grateful to be involved. It has been eye opening to my sons struggles at school and how quickly he gets left behind. Line edits on my sci-fi novel are almost half way complete, my April goal was to have the book ready for beta readers and I’m super close. I’ve been working out almost every day. Waking, hiking, and the Fiton app on my phone has been great.

Oddly, I’m getting use to all of this. Sure, I miss people, shopping, dinners out, hiking in areas that are closed, the library, Starbucks, working, seeing my writers group in person, seeing my therapist in person, among so many other things. But, I’m gonna make it.

Weekend goals are to put up a fence for the garden and fruit trees. 400 feet of fencing! We have an auger, thanks to my neighbor.

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