It’s been too long!

I haven’t written here since April 30th! That was three days after my birthday and we’d been in stay at home status for over a month. It’s early June and things are changing. So, what’s going on with you? Here’s me in a few short bullets.

Garden: My garden is looking good in some places. Like the peas! However, sadly I have onion maggots and they took out all of my onions and some of my garlic. Going to do my research for beneficial bugs on this one. It’s amazing how devastating it feels to lose a few plants. I nearly cried. This war isn’t over, I’m going to fight for my garlic. I have about 100 of them in the ground and still a month before harvest. Say a prayer to mother nature for me!

Writers Life: I finally got Kiss of Lazarus into beta readers hands. I sent it to about a dozen people and I assume maybe three will get it back to me. Whoa is the life of a writer (or one just starting out). Currently, I am editing A Place to Land (title may change) and I’m about half way through the first read through. Will do another read through, then line edits, then off to beta readers. Next up is going back to my old plot for book two of the sci-fi series and getting that all down on paper. I’m really excited about where I am and where I’m going.

New Hobbies: Making wine spritzers, weaving, got a hand-me-down loom from my mom to play with, and I’m actually playing around with haiku’s.

Kids: I’ve been home schooling my 2nd grader. He hates it. I am just trying to get us through to summer school which will be less intense and give us a break. The kids miss going places and their friends, but we are starting to see people outside more.

Mental Health: In regards to the pandemic, when COVID first hit I was a nervous wreck. Since things shut down tensions have eased up as I allow myself to see people outside, get carry-out food, and plan a trip to the beach. I live in Maryland which was hit pretty hard. We still wear masks and must social distance. Groups of 10 or less are permitted only. I fear the unknown and what the future holds in regards to sending my kids to school or any large gatherings. I fear colder weather in the fall and winter; worried we might be hit hard once again. I’ve been working out and feeling strong, which helps with the anxiety and my overall happiness. And wine. Wine helps too.

Things I could be doing better? Sleeping! I’m staying up too late. I’ve really slacked on my reading list, and blogging, as you can tell. I’ve been more active on my Instagram and Facebook pages, but hope to get back to longer posts here. I’m drinking too much coffee maybe, but I’ve stopped adding sugar. Not sure why. It just happened one day and now I prefer it without.

So, how are you?! I hope warmer weather has found you and you’re able to get outside a bit. Just suck in some fresh air. It’s really amazing how it lifts your mood. And wine. Wine helps too.


  1. Welcome back! Good news about the books. Sorry to hear things have been tough in Maryland. We’re slowly emerging from strict lockdown in France, which has been well-managed, and we’re looking forward to eating lunch in a restaurant tomorrow. It’s our favourite and deserves our support. Looking forward to rediscovering where I live this year and falling even more in love with it.

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    1. What a great way to think about it. We are permitted to eat outside at restaurants now and I’m considering giving it a go. I want to support local business and it would also be nice not to cook for a change.

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  2. Welcome back, Melissa! Those blogging breaks can drag on can’t they? My family and I are doing fine. I’m a bit banged up from falling off a ladder while cutting brush Sunday, but I’ll live. I’m still bemused by the state of affairs in America today, but I’m managing. This week I’ve been coping by sharing songs from Will Hoge’s Modern American Protest Music under the title “Awareness Week”. Please check the posts out! I look forward to hearing from you more frequently. Stay safe & sane!

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    1. Sorry about your fall! It has been a really upsetting few weeks in the US. Our local school’s superintendent issued a notice about racist letters being pinned to people’s cars and mailboxes. I’ve been losing sleep over it. Every time I think about it I tear up. Im saddened that some locals think this is a time to spread more hate. I’ll check out your post for sure. Hoping to get back to a better schedule here. Thank you for stopping by.

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