Spritzers, Looms, and Peonies

The past few months have been bananas. I have felt safe in my home and comfortable with the idea I could be here for a long time, maybe even another year. My adventures have come to a halt and I have searched for things to keep me busy within my house and yard. I’ve always enjoyed cooking and as of late I’ve been getting more adventurous. Indian food, Ethiopian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Mediterranean, I’m not scared! Tonight we are having arugula pesto with pasta and grilling chicken breasts (bone in, skin on). Tomorrow, coconut chicken curry in the slow cooker.

I’ve discovered Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey! It’s a keeper. Straight sippin or mixed with other chocolate and coffee liqueurs, it’s good stuff. I’ve also discovered this wine spritzer (feature picture). Glass, ice, shot of vodka, lemonade, Cabernet poured carefully on top. Nice hot day drink with a kick.

My tiny loom tucked into my living room

My mom gave me a loom. I have no idea how to even start but she asked me if I wanted it after I started weaving with an old frame and some push pins. I’ll post about that when it’s done. I’m a bit nervous to try this, she’s so good at it, I’m such a newb. The kids will make it difficult. Still, I am going to push on and set it up next week.

I’m a gardener. If you can eat it, I will try to grow it. Now, if it needs to look pretty and be put into the landscaping, I’m lost. Last year I really tackled putting things together around the house. I searched the sales area at stores to snatch up peonies, lavender, lilac, and other flowers wilting on the shelf. This year, they all bloomed in full splendor, and I’m completely impressed with myself. I miss shopping around, but it’s nice to sit back and appreciate the hard work from last year.

Have you tried anything new during the quarantine? Have you been able to liven up your taste buds? How about recognizing something you did in the past and appreciating it now?

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