Maybe You Should Talk To Someone: A Book Review

Clever, smart, well developed. I really enjoyed Maybe You Should Talk to Someone. The MC is a psychotherapist who is working through a major life change with a quirky but effective therapist she finds through a colleague. She relates her own struggles through her patients that she sees. Each one unique and likable for various reasons. I cried, I laughed. I needed something uplifting and this was a good find. I think if you read this you will find yourself analyzing yourself and wondering if (a) you need therapy or (b) you need a new therapist.

I gave a try at the trend books to looks where you attempt to match the cover of the book you’re reading. I ordered this really cute yellow dress and it was HUGE so I went with something I already had in the closet with the blue background. First attempt, it was fun, will try again.

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