The Dutch House: Book Review

The Dutch House, by Anne Patchett, was such an interesting story about a house and how it draws people back to it. It’s not all about the house of course, the main character, Danny is an interesting dry young man (whom we see grow into adulthood) I found very likable. His sister is my spirit animal, Maeve. She’s spunky, to the point, and hard to say no to. This book is very character-driven. Each human touched me in a relatable way, even those I despised. This was my first audio book and it was narrated by the fabulous Tom Hanks. The bar for audio books has been set high! He did such an amazing job, his voice so easy to listen too, and the way he switches from one person to the next is on point. I truly loved this book, even if it were slow at times it mesmerized me with its rich characters and well-developed descriptions.

I was so inspired, I had to order a red coat from Amazon to go along with the cover. Pay no attention to the dog butt in the picture. He just wouldn’t leave and my eight-year-old son (also my photographer) thought it was pretty entertaining.


    1. This was my first ever audio book and now i tend to read on amd listen to one at the same time. I mean, not the exact same time. One is for the car and showers, the other i read before bed or on the beach. So I get my double reading in


      1. No, sorry. I mean teo very different books. I’m listening to the Beastie Boys memoir and I’m reading the 3rd book in the Divergent series at the moment. They have to be very different or I get confused. Different genres help.


      2. Oh ok. My mistake. But wouldn’t it be kinda cool if when you bought an audio book you could get the print book at a discount? Or vice versa?
        And isn’t the 3rd divergent book the one movie that ended up not making?? I get Divergent confused with The Maze Runner 😬

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      3. Some told me they decided to make the forth Divergent movie but I have only seen one so far. I didnt read the maze runner, after this series I need a serious break from books of a series 🤣.

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