WIP#1 – Lazarus City

The glass of half-full WIPS. Or is the glass half empty? 🤷 I am currently working on three WIPS (works in progress, aka novels that take forever) and I already have a fourth planned for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, which is in November). I have nothing published other than a few short stories. So, what am I doing? Why is nothing published yet? I tell people I’m a writer and I have nothing to show them. Sigh.

WIP #1 – Lazarus City. The first in a trilogy of Baltimore Zombies. Here beings the adventures of Shelby and Drew. A couple unfortunate enough to get caught in a virus-stricken Baltimore City, Maryland. The government acted quickly and walled in the city, which closed off the virus from the rest of the world. Shelby loses her husband during a street mob incident and finds herself alone. Desperate to reconnect with her sister whom she knows the location of, she sets off. It’s not easy to travel within the city boundaries though so she finds a team to help her mission, all the while she’s helping them with a bigger cause. Poor Drew, he’s got it rough. Rattled by the infection he develops sensory issues. Some in his favor and others not. He’s forced to deal with a new culture and community of mutants that aren’t exactly infected and aren’t exactly healthy either.

WHERE IS THIS WIP? It is in the hands of my super talented beta reader friend who juggles her own full-time job and a side job where she makes knee pads for caving enthusiasts. So, she’s busy and I’m not ready to tackle her edits anyway. Because, you know, three active WIPS will do that to you. Next, I will send an update on my other two WIPS (not all sci-fi genre) and what I plan to do with NaNoWriMo. Where are my NaNo folks at? Are you ready?! It’s a month away. I’m not ready. Not even close.

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