The Underground Railroad: Currently Reading

I started this book several months ago but had to put it down because my book club was reading Currently reading The Underground Railroad, by Colson Whitehead. I started this book several months ago but had to put it down because my book club was reading another book (of which I cannot remember) and I was super behind. There’s nothing worse than going to a book club before you’ve read the ending! I remember enjoying the Underground Railroad and was bummed to have to set it aside. Then it got lost in my TBR pile. I’ve picked it back up and I’m very excited to continue Cora’s journey. I’m scared for her and I find myself holding my breath during so many passages in this book. I’m more than halfway through and I’m hoping to finish it by the end of the week. Colson Whitehead has taken a historical moment and given it an interesting twist. What if the underground railroad was an actual railroad? Real tracks, engineers, and tunnels are hidden from those trying to capture slaves escaping to the north. It has a good pace and thoughtful descriptions that pull readers into the story.

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  1. Hey, nice! Glad you picked a good book back up. Happy coincidence here! Yesterday I needed my next read, and I decided to restart a book from almost 7 years ago. I had only got 43% through it before. So after restarting it yesterday, wow! It’s better than I remember! So nice to escape into a new good read. (It’s Darth Plagueis, a Star Wars novel by James Luceno.)

    Also, I want to add, I’ve never got into audio books…
    But last night when I put the kids to bed, I said, “Hey Google, tell us a bedtime story” and my phone read a 5 minute version of Cinderella (from Google Play Books) with voice acting. It sounded great and made me wonder if a full audio book would be awesome.

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