Beastie Boys Book – Currently listening to on Audible

Beastie Boys Book. I like to listen to a book and read a different one simultaneously. I had bought this book because I am a HUGE Beastie Boys fan and I wanted to own it for all the pictures. It’s massive. Reading it would be a challenge because it’s so heavy. Someone suggested I get the audio version and it was the best advice I’ve had all year! Each chapter is read by one of the artists or a celebrity guest. Honestly, I found chapter two to be really boring and a data dump of history on music. I played it at a faster speed to get through it. However, after that, it’s been magical. I have about five hours left and it’s going by fast. I have been laughing a lot. I’m also learning what amazing men these guys are. I highly recommend it to anyone who loved their music. I mean, I think I played their albums back to back for years of my life. I know almost all the words to all their stuff. They introduced me to music that made me move, made me happy, and I could play really loud. So, thanks Beastie Boys. I can’t wait to finish but I’m also sad it’s going to be over soon.

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