Book Three of the Divergent Series, Allegiant, by Veronica Roth. A book review!

Book Three of the Divergent Series, Allegiant, by Veronica Roth. A book review!

I made it through book three and had some ups and downs in regards to interest and believability level. Four was going through some wishy-washy stuff I just couldn’t get into and his relationship with Tris was so strained I had a hard time believing they were a couple at some points. That said, I really enjoyed the new direction the author took us. We get to see outside of the walls! And when we get there we are not disappointed on the screwed up world the fractions were missing out on. The book ended in a way I wasn’t expecting but made sense. I think we prepare ourselves during reading the prior books for the dramatic ending in this one. A few more places I wasn’t too sure of; I didn’t quite buy into how easily some leaders fall or give up at the end. Also, they bring in a minor character at the end and expect us to be connected to this person. I was not. That story line fell flat.

I will read the final and fourth book, ironically called Four. I have enjoyed watching the movies after each book and hope they are making a movie for the final book as well, which is told only by Four (I think).

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  1. Thanks for your review. Sounds worth reading. I’ve read none of the books but plan to. I saw many bad reviews of book 3 and almost wrote off the whole trilogy. But my wife convinced me it’s worth it overall. We watched the first 2 movies but it’s been a while. So the books are on my to-read list. But so are many others!

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