First Read Through – Check!

“Like an old tree that had fallen over but it’s roots still touched the ground. They found a way to take hold again and keep growing.”

I wrote the final chapters to A Place to Land, a fictional family drama I’ve been working on since last November, and shared it with my writing group. They were so supportive, had good points on things to adjust, and overall really enjoyed the ending.

What a relief! I worked so hard on the ending. Literally, I cried while writing it as I weaved these broken characters together. This line felt so good.

Have you ever had that moment where you’re in the zone and hardly realize the awesome words being laid down until later? It makes me feel like a “real” writer. Look at me mom, I’m doing it!

So, this book has its first official read through and now it’s time to work on the beginning. At about 100k words it’s much longer than I anticipated. Chop chop!!

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