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Here is an update on my writing projects.

A Place to Land. This story is about Loren. She tries to reinvent herself while navigating through life as a single mother. Her husband has worked oversees for several years, and she realizes it has prevented her from following her dreams. Raised by an abusive woman with dependency issues, Loren has had to overcome more obstacles than most. This family drama is in draft three, and it stewing at the moment in my drawer.

Lazarus City. This is book one of my Baltimore Zombie series. Shelby and Drew are a married couple stuck in Baltimore as a virus runs through the city. They are separated early in the story, each forced to make their own way. Shelby connects with a team of good-doers who help to reunite her with her sister. It’s a dangerous journey that pushes her beyond her breaking point. Drew is infected with the virus. He, along with others with a mutated strain, must navigate a new way of life. Progress: This novel is with my editor!!

Sour Moon. This is book two of Baltimore Zombies. Shelby works at a local hospital in hopes of finding a cure. Though she quickly learns there are politics that prevent her from achieving her goals. She’s unsure where she belongs, and who to trust. Drew has a whole lot on his plate. War, death, fires, women issues, Drew attempts to lead his community to a better place. Good luck, Drew. You’re gonna need it.

Salt Wave (working title). This book three of Baltimore Zombies. Each chapter is completely outlined and ready for me to write. No spoilers.

Rotter’s Bay (working title). Last book of the Baltimore Zombies series. I have the concept developed and written down. I know how the story ends. This was such an amazing feeling. For years I’ve tried to see this story through. Several endings had been tossed around before I figured it out.

Secret Project (this is not a book title). I have a book I have been playing around with in my head for months. A few concepts are on paper. It might be what I work on after the zombie series.

I have not written any short pieces for a while, nor have I entered any writing contests. As my novels progress I don’t have the time for much else. I have found that even reading for fun has taken a toll as I push through my active projects. For this year, I would like to have Lazarus City published, and Sour Moon very close to being published as well. It would be totally dreamy to have Salt Wave’s first draft completed or at least heavily underway. Maybe this will be my NaNo project for 2021.

Thanks for catching up and listening. If you have any dystopian books you wrote or you enjoyed reading please share!! I am currently listening to The Stand, by Stephen King and reading Crescent City by Sarah J. Maas. Both books are HUGE so I’ll be at them for a while.

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