Lazarus City Update

I am trying to redo my site here to accommodate my first published book. Therefore, I want to delete some off brand content, choose a new theme, and ready my page for something different.

This manuscript has been in the works for three years! I am a week away from sending my final draft off to copy edits. Then there’s the business of landing a cover designer. I believe I have found my guy and he should get started at the end of September. This isn’t the only steps I’m attempting to plan. I also need someone to format my book, and that email was sent off today as well.

Then, I need to figure out how to bring it altogether and publish. Don’t even get me started with marketing. It’s coming along. I’m just realizing even at the end of the race there is still a lot to do. My apologies for not being on here in nearly eight months. Working full time, having the kids home so much with covid restrictions and then summer break, and working on my WIPs have really stolen all of my time. I’m working through it though.

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