Why Read Lazarus City?

Lazarus City isn’t a heavy sci-fi. If you’re new to the genre and a bit curious then my book could be for you. There is action, suspense, a bit of gore, secret societies, government conspiracy, a touch of romance, and zombies. Yep, zombies. Don’t let that scare you away. While they play a big roll in the undoing of a quarentined city, they offer a climatic back drop to this character driven plot.

I’ve tried to write a book for sci-fi fans and sci-fi curious fans alike. My reviews on Amazon are 5 star! Check out my  Story for recent reviews and consider taking a chance on a no-name indie author like me. Who knows, one day Neflix could be knocking at my door.

Book two in this quartet will be released this May!

Lazarus City is on every platform including Apple, Amazon, Nook, B&N, and more.


Thanks for reading this far if you did. That alone means a lot!

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