Sour Moon – Now Available

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The infected aren’t as different as they once thought.

For weeks after settling into the hospital, Shelby watches orderlies plunge needles into the infected. Only, it’s not working. The infected grow weaker, and many are convinced a cure is impossible. When a colleague suggests another approach, Shelby doesn’t hesitate despite the consequences. As she’s making headway, Jason returns with a tantalizing quest that pulls her back to the Rec Pier. Torn between missions, Shelby realizes the Lazarus virus isn’t the only enemy to fear.

Danger closes in on all sides. Out of sight but nearby, Dean struggles with the doctor’s deadly attempt to save sours and Marcus’s continued threat. Trudging through the frigid streets of Baltimore with blood on his hands, he’ll wield his hatchet into battle once more. Dean can’t keep his loved ones safe forever.

The city burns, a common enemy emerges, and hope of escape drifts further away.

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