Now Available: Salt Rush, Lazarus City Book 3

It’s finally here! The third installment in the Lazarus City series.

The blurb:
With winter over, no one is safe. The infected rise from hibernation, hungry for survivors. While across the bay, an enemy’s army waits to strike.

Shelby creates a new life as a runner. With the freedom to move and the chance to reinvent herself, she pays the high price of leaving loved ones behind. Tangled in a web of allies and enemies, Shelby embarks on a risky journey to secure her future.

A secret shatters Dean. After broken promises and torn relationships, he ventures out on his own. His plan to lay low is derailed when he runs into his wife—someone he vowed to stay away from. Could Shelby ever understand the blood on his hands and what he’s had to do for his people? If not, he’ll lose her and his new alliance.

The spoiler:
The long-awaited reunion of your favorite married team is finally happening! Follow our friends into battle as they face a common enemy. Not all will survive! Alliances form in unexpected places, and relationships are tested as the conspiracy theory thickens. Of course, nothing bad happens to Jessie. My promise to give her a happy ending continues. I can’t say the same for the humans involved. 

The writing:
I enjoyed writing the scenes where characters who had not previously met could react to one another. For the first time, I had to really think about how Dean and some of Shelby’s friends would get along, and what Shelby would think of his crew, as well as what Dean had become. I love the ending of this book because it is a completely different setting than where it starts. 

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To purchase Salt Rush, you can find it on Amazon as well as other Outlets.

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