Free Ebook of Lazarus City until May 7, 2023

Free ebook promo for my birthday! I hit 50 reviews averaging 4.7 stars on Amazon today, and I’m feeling 😊 happy. Lazarus City can be found on Amazon, Nook, Apple, Google Play, Kobo, and more! Free until May 7th. LINK to download your copy now on various sites.

Review snippets:

“This has all the right hits of a good apocalypse story. The characters carry the story well. Interesting sub characters.”

“Lazarus City takes all the usual tropes from these genres but somehow creates a tail that never stalls.”

“Zombie virus outbreaks are certainly a popular concept, but when you marry it with multiple storylines stemming off of one couple, and seeing where they’re different and very similar paths lead them, you get yourself a fantastic book.”

“HOOKED! Bookstagram recommend!”

“The novel is character driven, with the author taking the time to develop each character’s personality and motives.The romantic supply adds an additional layer of depth to the story, without overpowering the action and adventure elements.”

Thank you for reading.

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