First Time Writer

When someone asks me what I do for a living, I take a deep breath and I say “I’m a stay home mom.” Cringing a little when I say it aloud. It’s not that I don’t enjoy staying home with my kids, actually it’s the best daytime gig I’ve ever had. For some reason the term Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) seems lazy. Why do they have to say I stay at home? That sounds so unadventurous and lazy. Sure, we have those days too, but we also have days we climb mountains (metaphoric and non-metaphoric). While I love my days, I have found I need something to scratch that itch inside of me that says I need to do more with my brain. So I started to take writing classes, a passion and curiosity I have always had.

Society rolls it’s eyes at me, expressing what I also think about myself: Here she is, 40 years old, stay at home mom, leaving her career behind; it’s obvious she’s having a midlife crisis if she thinks she can be a writer. I spent the first half of my life jumping through all the hoops that were in front of me. Sometimes falling on my face and sometimes hopping through with great ease. Pretty normal life stuff: college, job, marriage, kids, rinse and repeat. Then, like a freight train that rushed at me from a shadow, the hoops I jumped through just vanished. It was so strange to have this path I was certain I would take suddenly stop. Like walking up on a cliff edge unexpectedly.

Trying to imagine my new future was difficult. I was determined to live the second half of my life with more ambition and heart. Why not writing? Why the hell not writing! I have had two stories tossing around in my head for several years now, and so it’s time to put them on paper. With no idea where to start I have been taking a few online creative writing classes, joined some online writing groups (though I’m looking for more if anyone has suggestions), and started reading more. I think I’m getting a good foundation [shrug shoulders, clueless].

I started with an outline and I’ve already changed the outline a few times. Do all writers start with an outline? I have two stories I want to write but I am worried about confusing them so I am focusing on just one of my stories for the time being. Is this normal to work on one piece at a time or should I just do them side by side? Finding the time to write is a big challenge for me. As well as fear and embarrassment of failure – which intertwines with my soul searching mission.

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

This is my restart at life.  My response to the daily prompt and my first entry about writing. I hope to continue to write about being a first time writer.



  1. All I can take it takes immense courage to start sometime and venture into completely unknown. Hats off you!! There is always be naysayers around us who will make think less of our decision making but if you happy in doing what you are doing. Stick to that. As far as writing a story is concerned I’m sorry my genre is poetry so I have no experience of writing novels/stories but there are tons of authors and writers out there who can give you advice. Look them up on Google.
    All the best for your writing!!

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  2. Sky,

    You can, you can, you can, you must. Some writers swear by outlining. Some eschew it entirely. Some disdain and disparage writers who rely on outlines. Some writers insist you must finish one piece before you begin another. Some are incapable of tending to a single iron in the fire.

    Find your own style, your own rules, discover what works for you. It might help to do a Web search of “famous writers’ rules for writing”. Kurt Vonnegut gave great advice. My own belief is that we must do our best to know all the rules so that we know when it’s appropriate to break them. Good luck!

    Take care, be well, and happy Blogging!


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    1. Thank you for the comment. My goals aren’t very high at the moment. If I entertain a few friends and no one throws stones at me I think I’ll be happy. That said, I am taking it serious. I’ll check out Kurt Vonnegut!

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  3. You can! I started writing at 50, so you are a decade ahead of me when I began my journey. Whether you are a writer or not is up to you and only you. It’s something you can do for the rest of your life, unlike a lot of other things. So, just think, if you live to 90, that means you still have 50 years of writing ahead of you. That’s a lot of books! Good luck with your journey!

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  4. Oh, wow, I relate to this so much! I’m 35 and last November I quit the prestigious job I’d worked hard to get so that I could pursue my lifelong dream of being a writer. And I don’t even have kids…so I’m clearly just nuts. But I want a better shot at living!

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      1. Thank you! And I do plan to a bit; I also will be using my blog to develop preliminary ideas that I want to then submit as freelance pieces, as well as ideas for books. I have SO many ideas. It’ll mean so much to me to see if I can make anything of them. Even if I ultimately fail and have to go back to work (and have a lower status job because of it!), it will have been worth it to me to have tried.


  5. One of the most honorable, respectable and important job is to invest in the next generation growing your children up in the way they should go. Well done sister and keep on writing!!! 😍

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    1. I’m trying, my sweet kiddos don’t allow much time but I squeeze it in where I can. Thank you for the encouragement, it always means a lot!

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  6. Don’t over think things. When you have a few moments start writing. Don’t worry about the “what” so much and just go with the why. The why is easy. Because you enjoy it. Do what comes natural, let the words flow and develop a style that is unique for you. You can always come back later and edit a post or draft. If you do this I think you will find the what to write about quandary will come easier and easier. As for being a stay at home mom. If we had more stay at home moms and/or dads the world might be a nicer place.


    1. Thank you John! I tend to overthink and you are right, I should not worry so much about the why. Also, being a stay home mom has made such a difference in my stress levels. In a good way! Well, most the time. My 3 year old cut her own hair yesterday. Can’t win every day!


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