Sinking: Short Flash Fiction Prompt

I have never been so confused, yet so sure of a conversation in all of my life. I replayed our dialogue over and over again, only to come back to the same sinking feeling that he was giving me an out. That coward! If he wasn’t feeling secure enough to go through with this, then he should have spoken sooner. Now we are teetering on it being too late to turn back.

There are others involved, I can’t simply tell them we aren’t going through with this. Months of planning and lots of dollars spent, all for nothing. This doesn’t sit well with me. I suppose I should have realized he was the type to ditch any real responsibility. If I recall, the idea of the show was his however, not mine. I hesitated, thinking we knew nothing about performing, we only did this for fun. It would be hard work and soak up a lot of time. Hard work didn’t scare me though, I committed. Professional training, tailored outfits, personalized music, the gym, the diet, the sacrifices to get here. If he thinks I’m going to walk away from this dream that he planted in me, he has another thing coming.

I will do this without him. I will stand alone.


I am part of a small local writers group, the word SINKING was our weekly prompt. Takes two to tango, right? Feel free to use my prompt word for some inspiration, love to read what you write!


  1. I gave it a go:

    Perhaps another day will come in this night. Perhaps I have something to learn still and better yet something to give to others that will shine. As the world has decided to go mad with many people losing touch with the essentials that make existence palatable and meaningful, it is easy to let darkness in. Easy to let cynicism, doubt, anger and a rising disappointment, which can lead to hate, take hold. If the ship of the world, and better yet the passengers on her voyage, are going to sink beneath the standards of decency and decide to forgo what it means to be human even as the past screams to the future, then so be it. I won’t sink with this vessel, as body politic and craft, and always look to reach the shore and the lighthouse showing a different way. Others bent toward growth, knowledge and being and ahead of me await there in this night.

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    1. That was really poetic. I enjoyed reading it a lot! Hope you continue to write and share your creative side with others. Keep going!


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