Sticky Bodies: 100 Word MicroFiction

I scream, but no one hears me over this noise. I can’t help myself. I scream again, it feels good to release my voice, even if no one pays attention. My legs burn, sweat drips over my brow. I keep moving almost involuntarily. So many hot and sticky bodies surround me. Our heads are filled with chemicals by choice and I want more. Nostrils flare as I breathe in deep trying to catch my breath. The sun set hours ago, and I’ll be at this well into the night. Howl! The band plays just for me, resonating in my soul.


Author’s Note: Sorry if you are getting bored with my 100-word micro-fictions but they are so fun I can’t seem to contain myself. I am using prompts from my life. A few weekends ago I went to a Phish show for two nights and it was pretty flippin amazing.

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