Bad Hacker: Micro Fiction 100 words

He pushes my head down, my neck bends awkwardly sending sharp pains down my back. Lights flash. It’s happening. I hacked a wrong move this time.

“Watch yourself,” he grunts.

If I were watching myself I wouldn’t be here. Maybe I deserve this. How could that be though? Does anyone ask to be manhandled and thrown into a car? Hauled off to God knows where with no escape.

My chest is tight, I cannot breathe. The car door shuts and metal cuffs dig into my wrist.

“You got some nerve, kiddo,” the officer says.

I want to call my mom.

Author’s Note: I went to a micro-fiction workshop recently and have really enjoyed the process. They had dice that you rolled and it would give you a prompt. Mine were Hacker, Bad Decision, Getting Arrested. This is the little story I came up with.


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