Montauk: Book Review

Montauk by Nicola Harrison

This book was chosen by the book club I belong to, and in full disclosure, it was not one that I voted for. Someone shared a list naming this one of the summer’s hottest reads, so the gals in my club were interested. After reading it, I have mixed feelings. Without spoilers, here are some of the quick pros and cons of this book according to me.

Cons: I didn’t feel as connected to the main character, Beatrice as I’d hoped to. The same goes for her back story and her brother. Quickly you learn her brother was no longer living, and I expected this to play a big role in the book, however his memory fades away when it’s no longer convenient. I’m not sure how necessary it was to have a deceased sibling in the book at all. Beatrice herself felt flat to me. One minute she’s telling someone off, then her internal dialogue claims she can’t believe she just said that. I hate women who don’t own their strength, and she is a perfect example of this. She is a strong woman but flails around as if she has no control over her situation. I also felt the book was a bit predictable until the end.

Pros: GREAT ending!! I didn’t see it coming and I had worked out several ideas in my head. It’s a little soft but makes sense to me. I love her friend Dolly, who is hilarious, forthcoming, and gives the most interesting advice I’ve come by in historical fiction. Bravo, Dolly. I wish this book was about her or had her playing even a bigger role. (Nicola Harrison, if you read this, please write a book about Dolly!) Beatrice’s husband is believable, and seeing his progression throughout the book is also something I got on board with.

Overall, it’s well written, though some of the plot could have been built up in some areas and seen through. The main character could have been more relatable if we heard her inner desires more rather than her inner questions and self-doubt. I gave this book two stars because it’s not one I would recommend to someone as a good summer read, however, I had one friend tell me they loved it! So what the hell do I know?


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