NaNoWriMo Prep: Feeling Good

The bad news is I’m sick and missed a really cool writers conference today #hallowedreads and I hear they aren’t doing it next year. Good news is I took the time to tighten up my NaNoWriMo plot, characters, scenes, and theme. Feeling good enough to start. Also, is there a filter that makes me look awake and healthy? I did my best.

I think I’m going to let my new idea summer until next Friday and then let the words flow. Good luck fellow writers. Want to be a NaNo buddy? My name is Melisa55.

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  1. Sorry you’re sick! So I have little excuse for my lack of nano prep. I feel underprepared. But I’ve got a lot of notes and ideas so I’m hoping things flow once the writing starts. But I’ve also got a lot on my plate otherwise. This is my first attempt and to me is like a qualifying trial run! Best of luck!

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    1. It’s my first time too. I have a full plate already but I’m going to give it a really good effort this year. We’ll see! Good luck to you also. Find me at Melisa55 if you want to buddy up. Always nice to cheer on my fellow writers.

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